Kit assembly is one of the services we offer

Kit assembly is one of the services we offer

Service Capability

SC Fastening Systems is a service-driven company with the overarching goal of being the best industrial/construction supplier in every market that we serve.

We Package

  • Custom packaging to provide the parts you need in quantities you specify
  • Kitting (grouping together multiple SKUs to form a whole item) to reduce your inventory costs
  • Pre-assembly to increase your efficiency and productivity

We Stock

  • Customized inventory management programs to shrink lead-times and reduce outages

We Source

  • Extensive sourcing capabilities to assist in procuring those hard to find parts
  • Domestic product offerings and global shipment services
  • Forming long-term collaborative relationships with suppliers and customers to strengthen supply chains

We Repair

  • Resharpening Services (for knives, saw blades, drill bits, etc.)
  • Tool and Die Repair

Fire Protection

  • Inspection and Recharge
  • 6 Year Maintenance
  • Hydrostatic Testing

Contact Us Today

Contact us today if you have a service issue or are looking to upgrade your supplier base. We promise to do all we can to make sure you are properly taken care of and that your issue gets resolved.

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