Are you frequently burdened by having too little inventory on-hand? Or perhaps too much? At SC Fastening Systems, we believe that the best customer-supplier relationships are based on a high level of trust – especially when it comes to inventory management solutions. We pride ourselves on being entrusted to provide these solutions to our customers in accordance with their specific needs, expectations, and ethical standards.

Our inventory management solutions are fully customizable – each having different levels of supplier involvement, technology applications, and replenishment protocols. But all closely follow the same path toward the ultimate goal – maximizing value, minimizing waste, and a better bottom line. From small parts like fasteners or electrical connectors to bulky items such as janitorial supplies, we offer stocking solutions appropriate to the task. For more information on how we can assist your organization with managing inventory, click HERE or call us at 1-800-232-2659.

Inv Management

Our Inventory Management Solutions Include:

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

A popular solution for many of our customers, this approach enables SC Fastening Systems to take responsibility for maintaining agreed upon levels of inventory in assigned locations at your facility or jobsite and optimizing those levels to reflect consumption. Benefits to VMI include shrunken lead-times, decreased stock-outs, and lower ordering costs.

Just-In-Time Inventory (JIT)

Another often used method, the JIT strategy involves receiving inventory from SC Fastening Systems only as it is needed in the production process (and not before). This requires that your organization is able to accurately forecast demand, but offers numerous advantages including increased efficiency, reduced waste, contracted pricing, and the assurance of readily available inventory with fewer storage needs.

Automated Vending

Our automated vending solutions allow point-of-use access to a vast array of products with total consumption traceability and detailed reporting. Upon demand, authorized users can access our high quality coil machines and lockers using a simple PIN or card swipe. More and more customers are utilizing automated vending solutions to considerably reduce consumption, increase productivity, and achieve cost-savings.